Consulting Packages Include The Following:

Phase 1

Discrete Documents

ISO 17025 Management System

this Provides a completely customized framework to fulfill ISO 17025:2017 and State requirements.  Our intuitively designed Quality Manual aligns with the revised ISO 17025:2017 standard which enables quick cross referencing and ease of navigation between the requirements and the lab’s management system. 

Our standard content includes a electronic filing system, the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Quality Manual Template, 5 policies, 24 procedures, 36 forms, and 10 lists along with many odds and ends made specifically for you. 

Phase 2

Familiarization and Optimization

Where Manufacturer App notes fall short, Phase 3 has you covered.

Each Test Method SOP has been written to conform with ISO 17025:2017 and is tailored to the State or Country regulations under which the client laboratory operates. 

With 22 procedures, every activity within your scope of accreditation is clearly presented for staff. Additional procedures can be co-developed as needed and will be solely owned by you. 

Phase 3

Method Validation Package

This package accelerates the validation process, providing you with the tools to get it done.

Streamlined for the novice technician while allowing for innovation of the expert, we designed our validation packages to increase throughout without losing downtime during verification checks or method validation. 

All documents conform with ISO 17025:2017, integrate with Test Method SOPs, and are tailored to your regulations.

Phase 3 Lab Solutions...

Streamlines Validation

Support Services

Whether you’re overwhelmed with Start-up mode or need a Final Push toward Accreditation 

Phase 3 Lab Solutions is here for you

Project Management


Method Validation

Internal Audits

Lab Design

Supplier Vetting

Management System Implementation

Estimating Measurement Uncertainty

QCMS Document Management

Equipment Selection

Employment Consultation

Custom content development