Why Phase 3 Lab Solutions?

Speed to market

This the most important factor for Cannabis laboratories 

and where we focus our products and services.

Lab Design and Operation, Analytical Cannabis Science, and ISO 17025 are our core competencies.
We know the stress of start up and the relief of predictability. Lets put systems in place to get you there.
We've worked with ISO 17025 for 25+ years and the cannabis industry for nearly a decade. Use our expertise to accelerate accreditation.
We've seen hundreds of ISO 17025 Management Systems. That's why we know ours is the best.
Every Consulting Agreement is custom fit to your needs and is protected by a mutual NDA.
Your success is our success. Lets get your lab running samples!

Meet Our Experts

David Gilles

dave@p3labsolutions.com 253.720.8669

Developer of methods, management systems, and lab design solutions for cannabis testing facilities from the start-up to the established company environments.

5 years of experience in the field of cannabis analytics and ISO 17025 regulated testing throughout the United States.

David is a synthetic chemist with experience developing cannabimimetic covalent inhibitors to probe the cannabinoid receptors and their corresponding binding pocket.

David holds a Bachelor and Master of Science degree in Chemistry from The Tius Group at the University of Hawaii.

John Norton

john@p3labsolutions.com 616.610.9677

Developer and provider of ISO 17025 Management Systems to over 1,000 labs worldwide.

25 years of experience in the field of testing, ISO 17025, standards development, product safety and performance specifications, measurement, uncertainty, and calibration.

John is a licensed professional engineer and an expert in laboratory operations and management.

John holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan and a master’s degree in Management.

Technical Staff


Phase 3 has a network of contacts with skills in analytic equipment selection and distribution, lab design, method development and validation, as well as extensive chromatography and spectroscopy instrumentation experience.

Technical staff work under the direction of Phase 3 management to provide data-driven professional assistance to clients as needed.