Cannabis Laboratory Accreditation made easy

Phase 3 Lab Solutions : The Premiere ISO 17025:2017 Management System and Content Provider for the Cannabis Industry

The Breakdown

Three Phases Proven to Work Time After Time

Phase 1: Establish Operational Framework

The foundation of your business is the in the Management System. Let us build yours stronger than the competition. Just like a house needs cupboards, shelves and closets, a lab needs a filing system robust enough to not only contain all the details of laboratory operation, but manage it appropriately and efficiently.

Our standard Management System includes a pre-numbered electronic filing system, the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Quality Manual Template, 5 policies, 24 procedures, 36 forms, and 10 lists.

Not looking for standard? Give us a call so we can understand your needs and begin the work that will put your lab in the fast lane to accreditation while we generate custom content for your team.

phase 2: Familiarization and Optimization

22 discrete SOPs designed to meet ISO and State regulations that cover all the functions of a cannabis lab. From sampling and transportation to analytical and microbial testing, you will have the tools to get it done.

Phase 3: Validation

The crucial final step of Start-up made easy. Protocols, logs, reports and templates required to satisfy auditors and academics alike. Not to mention hands-on assistance and training for all analytical procedures.

Support Services

Extensive capabilities and support services available to you no matter where you are in the lab accreditation process. Already accredited? We can help keep it that way.

Phase 3 Will be there,
START to Finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the level of intricacy and involvement you request, we can have a working, tailored Management System ready for you within 2-4 weeks after signing a Consulting Agreement.

Hands down, Phase 1. the management system is the foundation of how a lab operates and needs to be operational well before doors open for business. This will ensure all staff are competent in their respective roles and drastically expedite the ISO Audit and accreditation process.

Of course. Our staff can perform anything from remote data review and application note optimization to coming into your facility and performing method validation. However, Due to the language in ISO 17025 as well as the need for staff competency for future validations we have found a collaborative approach, where Phase 3 trains and walks your staff through validation is the most cost- and time-effective.

The simple answer is once you have satisfied the State regulations and auditors, which unfortunately varies widely. The more definitive answer is after finishing your ISO 17025 Audit. Depending on your scope of accreditation and workforce this can vary from 3-12 months or longer, however, we have designed our products to cut that time significantly. Give us a call and lets see what your timeline is.

You only pay for what you get – when you get it.

While a deposit is required for work to begin, Phase 3 expects payments on a milestone basis that correspond to our deliverable items. All deliverables, deadline schedules, milestone payments, and other details are determined before the work begins and incorporated into our consulting agreement for easy reference.